I-Signage encompasses more than 20 years experience in the manufacturing and construction trade, delivering quality and unparalleled services to all our clients.

We are your one-stop design-build signage store that specializes from designing, fabrication, installation to servicing of signages.

We take pride in being one of the first few home-grown local signage companies in the industry, providing a holistic scope of services by being the one-stop solution for your needs. I-Signage is able to offer an all-rounded approach to any project, our team is able to facilitate the conceptual design of your logo/sign/branding all the way to the production and installation of your signage. All production is done in our facility working very closely with our clients to develop a solution with your business goals in mind. Supported by our cutting-edge technology, we produce the BEST signage that your money can buy!

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Let us help give your brand that memorable impression.

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No matter how good your product or service is, your sign needs to capture attention and stand out from the rest. In our highly competitive world, investing in a professional sign design is worth the while. The long-term success of your business can be shaped by the effectiveness of your street presence if your sign is professionally designed from the beginning.

With our vast experience, we have successfully completed projects in MRT, food courts, hawker centers and even signboards for private residential developments and lifts.

We utilize high-quality materials to provide customized signage that is able to match your needs, our services include:

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