Direct carpentry services

We provide all carpentry services whether you’re upgrading your home or office. We will take charge of your full renovation needs by helping your design and renovate your space to your liking.

Carpentry Quality

We provide outstanding quality of carpentry to all our customers. Across these years, we have been handling various customised projects and have all the necessary experience to produce works of the highest quality.  Traditionally, we are also proud to use the highest-quality materials in all our carpentry works. We are also knowledgeable in Blum products and various surfaces such as Kompacplus and other quartz surfaces.

Throughout your project, you can be sure that the carpenters who work on your project are dedicated to its success from start to finish.

Woodworking Craft

We are focused on craftsmanship and personal attention. Our main goal is to build exactly what you want. With decades of experience serving our loyal clients, we craft enduring interior and exterior installations or as new construction, using the finest available materials and the most time-proven joinery to provide a high level of quality and workmanship.

We can design and fabricate pretty much anything that is made of wood. From simple shelving units and custom made bedroom furniture to bespoke and made-to-measure kitchen and bathroom units.



Shoe cabinet with casement doors half height from $140/- pfr

Shoe cabinet with casement doors full height from $280/- pfr 


Feature wall for mounting of TV from $25/- psf

Wall cladding of home bomb shelter with tic-tac door from $25/- psf

​TV Console with drawers from $120/- pfr


Kitchen top hung cabinet with casement doors to ceiling from $120/- pfr

Kitchen bottom cabinet with casement doors + drawers from $120/- pfr

Kitchen tall boy unit from $280/-  pfr


Study table without drawers from $75/-  pfr

Study table with drawers from $140/- pfr

Wall hung book storage from $140/- pfr


Bed Head

from $25/- psf

Wardrobe with casement doors from $240/- pfr

Wardrobe with sliding aluminium glass doors from $260/- pfr

Bed frame for Single-sized mattress from $480/- per set

Bed frame for Super Single-sized mattress from $580/- per set

Bed frame for Queen-sized mattress from $680/- per set

Bed frame for King-sized mattress from $780/- per set